Ultimate Stone Solutions For Homes

Getting the right stone countertops does not have to be hard; natural and manufactured stone have become very common these days, nearly all modern kitchens have resorted to upgrading their kitchens with the stones. If you are in Dallas and search quartz countertops dallas in Google, chances are you will find a multitude of companies offering stone countertops.  But which stone do you choose from?  We will answer that in this article.


There are a number of lesser stones that are slowly catching up with many home users; stones like limestone, soapstone are making their way in many kitchens and bathrooms. It is clear that most people prefer the natural stones to make their countertops beautiful, but quartz countertops are providing platform to have many designs. They also come is various shades of color.

This has given homeowners a window to explore other options and include various designs and colors that are stain resistance and because they are non-porous. Here are different types of stone countertops that you can choose from. The stones are flexible and are more resistance to cracking. They provide a hard surface on your countertop and at the same time make your house look elegant.

Granite is known to be used in high end kitchens and houses; it has featured in most kitchens because it comes in various arrays of colors that you can choose from. The patterns are also an added plus with these stones. Granite that radiate blue rays with flowing black patterns are the most common type that are used as stones on countertops.

Marble has some merits and demerits but overall it has a natural appeal that makes most countertops look beautiful. The timeless look that the stone comes with is superb in all countertops. However, the stones are porous and can absorb any stain that spills on it. If you pour any acid, it can eat away the polished surface and make it discolored.

Soapstone is quite common in chemistry classes, this is because they are not porous and they do not have to be sealed at any point. If you want to change the color of it, you can simply use mineral oil to make it dark. These stones are very soft and they can be crafted into any design that you want.However, the stones scratches easily and they need proper care. You can also remove the scratches with a normal sand paper and your countertop will be as good as ever.

Quartize is a natural stone and the most used is the quartize white stone that is veined in grey and has white marble. It has the ability to resist scratches and absorb any liquid. Slate is the other stone that you use as a countertop; it is good in resisting heat and it does not mar from contact. It is also very hard to get scratches and any liquid cannot soak in it.

Limestone is soft and porous but it can be designed into any shape that you want. If you want to use it: you will have to cover it most of the time to prevent any stains. However, the creamy look has made it feature in most kitchen countertops. It is worth having it in your kitchen or any other place that you want.

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